Hyperuricemia as a Risk Factors of Major Adverse Cardiac Events in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: a Retrospective Cohort Study

Birry Karim, Sally A Nasution, Ika P Wijaya, Kuntjoro Harimurti


Aim: to investigate the MACE-free survivals difference between hyperuricemic and normouricemic patients and to determine its role as risk factor for MACE occurrence in hospitalized acute coronary syndrome patients. Methods: retrospective cohort study with survival analysis approach was conducted in 251 patients with acute coronary syndrome who were treated in ICCU Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital during period from January 2009 to December 2011. Clinical data, laboratory results, electrocardiography result, echocardiography result, and coronary angiography were collected. Patients were observed and followed on major adverse cardiac event during 7 days of hospitalization in ICCU. Major adverse Cardiac Event is an event as a complication occur after acute coronary syndrome such as cardiogenic syock, acute heart failure, stoke, reinfarct during early ward treatment, sudden cardiac death, repeat PCI during ward ulang and perform coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. Difference in survival is shown in Kaplan-meier curve and difference in survival between groups were tested with Log-rank test, and multivariate analysis with Cox proportional hazard regression to calculate adjusted HR on major adverse cardiac event with confounding variables as covariates. Results: there was a significant difference in survival between hyperuricemia group and non-hyperuricemia group (Log-rank test (p<0.001)) with crude HR 2.7 (CI 95% 1.6–4) and adjusted HR 2.67 (CI 95% 1.6-4.3).There was significant difference in survival between hyperuricemia group (mean survival 6.05 days with SE 0.2 (CI 95% 5.6-6.4) and non-hyperuricemia group (mean survival 7.33 days with SE 0.1 (CI 95% 7.0-7.6). Conclusion: survival of patients suffering from ACS with hyperuricemia is worse compared to those without hyperuricemia during ICCU hospitalization.

Key words: hyperuricemia, acute coronary syndrome, major adverse cardiac event, survival

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