A Rare Manifestation of Cysticercosis Infestation

Sanjeev Gupta, Sunita Gupta, Amit Mittal, Aneet Mahendra, Anshu Aggarwal, Rohit Batra, Nidhi Jindal


There are many causes of urticaria, which may vary from infections to malignancy. Among the infections, infestations by cysticercosis (larval stage of the tapeworm called Taenia solium) is an important cause. The present report is of forty four years old female who presented with urticaria and swelling on face. The swelling was later diagnosed as cysticercosis by noninvasive ultrasonography. The urticaria subsided after the treatment of cysticercosis. We report this case for rarity of its presentation.

Key words: cysticercosis, chronic urticaria, Taenia solium, ultrasonography

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