Unusual Presentation of Unilateral Choroidal Melanoma with Bilateral Vasculitis in Young Individual: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Saleh S Algamdi, Dhoha M Alhamad


Ocular melanoma stands as the predominant primary intraocular malignancy, albeit infrequently exhibiting ipsilateral inflammatory manifestations. In this article, we present an exceptional case involving a middle-aged male who presented with unilateral ocular choroidal melanoma alongside bilateral retinal vasculitis. The patient initially received temporary steroid treatment, followed by brachytherapy, which contributed to the resolution of vasculitis symptoms. The study aims to document the atypical occurrence of bilateral retinal vasculitis, which could potentially masquerade as melanoma, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance and further investigations when encountering choroidal masses in its presence. Future research endeavors are warranted to better understand the incidence of such occurrences in this context.


Melanoma; Vasculitis; Uveal Melanoma; Choroidal Melanoma; Macular Lesion; Uveitis; Ocular melanoma; masquerade.


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