Sleep Problem in Post COVID-19 Patient, Its Impact on Quality of Life and Current Management: An Evidence-based of Case Report

Hamzah Shatri, Rizka Zainudin, Yanuar Ardani, Edward Faisal, Rudi Putranto


Background: COVID-19 is a global health problem that affects both physical and psychological aspect of patients. Sleep problems were experienced by many patients during the acute phase of after COVID-19 recovery. It affects patient’s quality of life and required comprehensive management. This evidence-based case report aims to study the effect of sleep disturbance on quality of life and what is the appropriate management in post COVID-19 patients. Methods: searching were conducted in Pubmed, Cohcrane, EBSCO according to clinical questions. Study was selected based on inclusion and exclusion criteria, then it was critically appraised. Results: high score on the insomnia severity index and the Pittsburgh sleep quality index were found to be associated with quality of life. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is currently the best evidence-based treatment in patient during and after COVID-19. Conclusion: sleep disturbance is a problem that many post COVID-19 patient face and CBT can improve their quality of life.


sleep problem; post COVID-19; quality of life; cognitive behavioral therapy


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