The Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer and Its Prevention: A Literature Review

Noor Riza Perdana, Chaidir A Mochtar, Rainy Umbas, Agus Rizal AH. Hamid


This is a literature review study. Data was obtained from several literature reviews and journal resources that have correlation with the risk factors involved in PCa including age, ethnicity, family history, insulin-Like growth factor, sexually transmitted disease, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption, vasectomy, and diet, and the prevention of PCa including soy, lycopene, green tea, supplementation, and exercise.
Numerous epidemiologic studies have linked PCa risk to various factors, i.e. age, ethnicity, family history, insulin like-growth factors, lifestyle, diet, environmental and occupational exposures. The results of epidemiological, In vivo, in vitro, and early clinical studies suggested that selected dietary products and supplementation may play a role in PCa prevention. More studies are still needed to explore and find the risk factors and preventive methods of PCa development. It is important for clinician to ellaborate these informations for education to lower PCa risks and prevent PCa.


prostate cancer; PCa; risk factor; prevention

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